What is Universe2go?

Universe2go is a completely new, augmented-reality star viewer and smartphone app.

Universe2go shows you the starry night sky in stunning detail! Place your smartphone in the viewer and observe the real night sky with numerous, additional bits of information as well as sensational close-ups of various celestial bodies.

Key features:

  • Images of all 88 constellations
  • Close-ups of planets, galaxies, star clusters and nebulae
  • More than three hours of audio explanations
  • Narratives of Greek mythology
  • Enjoyable exploration in quiz mode

How does it work?

Works with Apple iPhone 5, 6 and 7, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7 and S8, and many other Smartphones with iOS version 8.0 or later, as well as Android version 4.2 and later.

By purchasing Universe2go the customer also acquires the license for using the accompanying app. The activation code is located inside the packaging and users can download the app from the App-Store at any time.


App and instructions available in (the following) English, German, French, Italian, Spanish. Audio-Guide in English, German, French, and Spanish.

Scope of delivery: Universe2go star viewer, app activation code, carrying strap, storage pouch, brief instructions, gift packaging.

Key Points

Innovative  Universe2go goes beyond the typical VR headset to create a real, augmented-reality experience.  While using the Universe2go, you don’t look at a smartphone display, but rather at the real night sky with a superimposed digital picture!

Broad appeal  Universe2go’s technology and uses speak to many different groups, from astronomy fanatics to gadget geeks to techies with the most recent innovation.  This broad spectrum provides the opportunity for a store, whether physical or online, to attract and appeal to a larger variety of consumers!  Last but not least, Universe2go also makes an original and special gift!

Unique   Universe2go is innovative and special.  There is no other comparable product on the market. Especially recommended  for astronomy enthusiasts, astronomy education classes, and usable world wide for teaching and generating interest in the cosmos by first hand observation.

Easy     Universe2go contains no electronic components and therefore is less susceptible to defects.  The technology lies within the smartphone itself, and the app, making the electronics independent of the unit and meaning fewer issues with guarantees!

Compact     Universe2go is small enough to carry with you, making it a great companion on road-trips, cruises and family vacations.  It works without mobile phone service, so you can use Universe2go anywhere –it’s stand-alone and portable!


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